Drunk Air Traffic Controller

An unidentified air traffic controller in Longmont, Colorado has spent six hours of his shift working with a blood alcohol level over 0.4, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) official said recently. It is the fourth instance of air traffic controllers not conducting their duties in a proper manner in 2011, the media recalled. “The controller in question is not a working air traffic. We are investigating the incident,” the anonymous official reported.

The drunk air traffic controller was caught thanks to a random test conducted among air traffic personnel who were on work on July 5. According to sources, his blood alcohol level was twice the legally permitted level of 0.4. The FAA refused to comment on whether the controller was drinking at his desk during work hours.

The incident took place in the Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center in Longmont, Colorado and the drunk air traffic controller is undergoing an alcohol rehabilitation program, FAA officials revealed. Whatever the outcome of this incident is, he is not likely to command live air traffic in the future, experts commented.

The FAA was able to confirm that the man is a long time employee of the air traffic force and there are no records he has behaved in a similar way in the past.

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