The Bachelorette 2011: July 18th

On Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette 2011 Ashley Hebert visited the home towns of the final four candidates – Ames, Ben F., Constantine, and J.P . The first stop was at Constantine’s home town of Cumming, GA where they paid a visit to his restaurant before heading out to meet his family and have a chat on their future plans.

july 18
The Bachelorette 2011 July 18 recap continued with Ashley meeting Ames at his families home in Chadd’s Ford, PA where Ashley revealed she is seeing a lot of good things in him. Ames organized a picnic for her and admits he is a bad student while their warm conversation full of revelations ended up in a long kiss.

Ben F. welcomed Ashley in to his winery in Sonoma, CA, talking about his family and the fact that only one woman has been invited to visit his home in the past, according the Bachelorette 2011 July 18 recap. He introduced Ashley to his mom Barbara and sister Julia and later on admitted that maybe he is falling in love.

JP’s home town of Long Island is where he and Ashley roller skated before he introduced her to his mother Ilene, his dad Peter, and his brother Robert and his girlfriend. They had a dinner together, but he is still not ready to tell her he is in love with her.

The Bachelorette 2011 July 18th show ended with a rose ceremony in which Ames was sent home.

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