Rupert Murdoch: Phone Hacking Scandal

Rocking Rupert Murdoch’s world, as the 80-year-old, head of his giant empire, News Corp. and the scandal that’s hit his newspaper “News of the World” put him in the hot seat today answering questions, as the hearing opens on the phone hacking scandal. He calls it “the most humble day of his life”. This afternoon Rupert Murdoch will appear before Culture, Media and Sport select committees.

Rupert Murdoch

His son, James Murdoch said, “what has happened is a matter of deep regret”. The News of the World newspaper was forced to close it’s doors last week. Depending on how Rupert Murdoch answers the questions, will determine if he is to be replaced at the helm of his own media empire, stepping down as CEO. His chief operating officer, Chase Carey could become the CEO, with Murdoch remaining as the chairman of the company.

Along with Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch’s questioning today, the former editor of News of the World, Rebekah Brooks will appear before the British parliament. The reporter who launched the hacking scandal died yesterday, and further investigation into his death including a post-mortem will be concluded today.

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