Drunk Air Traffic Controller: FAA Investigates in Colorado

A Denver air traffic controller is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration for working while under intoxication. The veteran controller was chosen during a routine random test which showed his blood-alcohol level exceeded the limit.

Drunk Air Traffic Controller

FAA said that the controller in question is not working air traffic and the incidence is under investigation. On July 5, when the controller was more than 6 hours into his eight hour shift,the random test took place. He works at Denver Center in Longmont, Colorado.

Reports say that he was given the chance to resign or get help from a rehabilitation center, he chose the rehab center. Since no aircraft mishaps were involved, he has not been charged and once rehabilitated will be able to return to work. Earlier this year there were several reports of air traffic controllers falling asleep on their jobs. How can a person sleep when this job is supposed to be very stressful, stressful enough to drive a person to drink?

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