Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress by Vera Wang?

The wedding which is set to overshadow the recent royal wedding that took place in April is entering a new stage after details on Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress emerged. Most Hollywood and celebrity reporters are speculating who will be the designer to be selected by the reality TV star. It is rumored that Kim Kardashian has visited Vera Wang’s boutique shop accompanied by Kourtney Kardashian, which fueled gossip the bride will be dressed by the prominent dress designer.

Kim Kardashian Wedding

The Kim Kardashian wedding dress will surely be extravagant and stylish if it is to be a wedding party to remember. “She wants it to be a little bit of high fashion, but also timeless, classic and classy. It will be ivory, and most of the detailing will just be stitchwork or beading,” a close friend of Kim’s said. Other gossip is that Kim Kardashian is obsessed and inspired by Christina Aguilera’s wedding dress, which was tailored by Christian Lacroix.

Various fashion designers went on to say that the Kim Kardashian wedding dress should feature more simple silhouette, not overpowering her shorter figure. In addition, she is trying to lose some pounds in order to achieve a more elegant frame. You can bet that the wedding dress made for Kim Kardashian will be nothing but spectacular.

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