Penny Hardaway: Behind the Lebron Trio

In general terms, most 38-year-olds haven’t retired yet, moreover began talking about returning to a career from retirement. The fact of the matter is, the NBA is full of players who never make it to the age of 30 before retiring. After all, this is a kids game that adults have taken to playing. Penny Hardaway was more than just a super star in his time.

It might be difficult to imagine that the Miami Heat would even want this guy to come out of retirement. After all, the Heat cut him loose mid-season in 2007. This is not your average athlete and adding him to Lebron, Chris and Dwayne is almost insane to think about. Penny Hardaway has already proven himself time and time again and when he says he is mentally and physically ready to play, someone better listen.

Players in the NBA are lucky if they hang on as long as he did the first time. However, he was expected to be a star in college, and he was, as well as in with Orlando and Phoenix. His last trip with the Heat wasn’t that great but he has never been able to just fill in the gaps and mesh with the other players, stardom is not easy. However, if the Miami Heat pick up Penny Hardaway, he can blend in and possibly behind the big trio and the world may get to see just what an awesome athlete he is.

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