2011 Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Marathon Results

You will have to wait until 6th of August to learn 2011 Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Marathon results because at this date the long distance runners are supposed to cross the final of the “Most Beautiful Marathon”. The distance of the marathon is set at 100 kilometers and runners have about a week to finish the route. In addition, all funds raised from the competition are invested to preserve Mongolia’s wilderness and wild life.

Mongolian Marathon 2011

One could hardly predict what the final 2011 Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Marathon results would be because the route combines open space running with trail hiking. The route starts at Lake Hovsgol, which is located 700 kilometers northwest of the capital Ulaanbaatar, where 3,000 meter mountains are trying to reach the skies.

Local media claim this is one of the most exotic and pleasant marathons worldwide with participants being allowed to run the classic 42-kilometers distance or run the entire 100 kilometers, which is a serious undertaking by any standard. The 2011 Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Marathon results are not only an experience every marathon-runner can proudly boast but also a proof of a runner’s ability to surmount difficulties and obstacles.

According to the organizers of the marathon, the event is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Mike Frank who was the race doctor for the first two years of the competition before he passed away in a plane crash in Uganda in 2000. Actually, every participant should have some medical experience to run such a long and rough route.

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