Kim Kardashian Suing Old Navy over Melissa Molinaro Ad

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian sues old navy, the low-priced clothing chain that hired Melissa Molinaro for its ad campaign, an actress-dancer who looks very like Kardashian. Actually, Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy because she did not manage to strike a deal with them, or they refused to offer her a deal. The reality TV woman filed a federal lawsuit, estimating her loss at $15 to $20 million although no sum was officially announced.

Melissa Molinaro Old Navy Ad

“It’s just crazy to me because I think I look like Melissa Molinaro. I’ve been in the business for a long time and … thank God I booked this commercial because I’ve gotten so much airtime,” Molinaro said, commenting on the news that Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy because they deceived buyers that the real Kardashian is advertising their brand.

According to Kardashian’s attorney, Gary Hecker, her style and look are extremely recognizable and as such using them constitutes infringement of her intellectual property rights. Kim Kardashian issued a statement, saying that she has worked hard to support products in which she believes and with which she is personally involved.

Melissa Molinaro tweeted she cannot believe Kardashian is suing Old Navy nearly half a year after the ad has been aired. “We’re still talking about this?! Its JULY this aired in February,” she wrote via her Twitter account. Obviously Kim Kardashian’s nose is bent out of shape about the Old Navy ad, but do you think it is really fair to Melissa Molinaro who is trying to make a living?

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