Tiger Woods Fires Caddy

Prominent but suffering from bad PR and a messy divorce Tiger Woods fires caddy. Steve Williams has been fired following a 13-year service with Woods, who has not won on the PGA Tour for 22 months.. Their partnership was the most successful one in the golf world with Woods winning 13 out of 14 of his majors with the help of his caddy Steve Williams. The news that Tiger Woods fires caddy surprised not only golf fans but also Williams who revealed he is shocked and disappointed with Tiger’s decision to oust him.

Tiger Woods Fires Caddy

Why Tiger Woods fires his caddy at such a delicate moment, many pundits asked. Part of the answer is that Woods is trying to break with his past and start a new life and career from which Williams is an integral part. “I want to express my deepest gratitude to Stevie for all his help, but I think it’s time for a change,” Tiger Woods said in a statement. He added that Stevie is an outstanding caddy who helped him a lot to accomplish great results in the past. Woods also went on to say he wishes all the best to his long-serving caddy.

Williams has been involved in crucial on-course decisions that have helped Tiger Woods to win the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines, for example. It seems, however, that Tiger Woods fires caddy Steve Williams not because of his qualities but under stress from circumstances, originating from Woods’ own personal problems. Woods is still expected to announce who is going to be his new caddy while it is known that Williams is set to caddy for golfs rising star Adam Scott.


  1. Curt Owen says:

    Another poor decision from a guy that was once on top of the world. Tiger was his own worst enemy. Wow

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