Another Earth: Mike Cahill’s Movie ‘Another Earth’

If you like sci-fi and astrophysics, you should like the Mike Cahill’s ‘Another Earth’, a movie where Brit Marling is starring as a rookie as a MIT freshman who prefers cosmos to her family’s suburban life in Connecticut. William Mapother plays the role of a Yale professor whose path will cross that of Rhoda (Brit Marling) while Rhoda herself is destined to discover a second Earth; another earth that promises to be the greatest discovery ever made, namely, a parallel universe.

Another Earth

The movie competently balances between quantum physics and personal lives of the main characters, gently introducing complicated themes like the possibility of everyone’s duplicate is living on another earth. The suspense provided by the movie is based on life-altering presumptions that our alternative ego exists somewhere in time and space, possibly a better one.

This is a surprisingly good debut for director Mike Cahill. He tells a story in ‘Another Earth’ that it is possible to rewrite your life story for better, which sounds encouraging for everyone here on the ‘real’ Earth.

The main film characters, Rhoda and John, are locked in their own parallel universe with both actors delivering a great performance. Interestingly, the movie is not boasting a big budget that can be expected for a sci-fi motion picture; nevertheless, the quality of the movie is undeniable.

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