DC Earthquake: The President Not Rattled

The earth doesn’t just shake under your feet for no reason. Just ask the good folks in Maryland, West Virginia and Gatlinburg, Tennessee what makes the ground move. Prior to the moving of the dirt today, most of the residents in those areas would just laugh if you suggested the ground was going to move. However, the DC earthquake managed to shake a lot a folks this morning just before dawn.

This was by no means a big move considering the huge natural disasters in other parts of the world. But, the fact is, the good people who live in the territory that was shook this morning are not accustom to such. The epicenter of that quake was Gatlinburg Tennessee. According to various officials, the DC earthquake was approximately a 3.6-magnitude quake.

Anytime the area where the President of the United Stats is gets some action, more action is sure to follow. According to geologist, the President might not be shaken from this particular quake but it did shake the ground beneath him. Thus far, no injuries have been reported and many people slept through the entire affair. Indeed, those deep sleepers never moved from their slumber and President Obama himself even said that this DC earthquake didn’t rattle him at all,

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