Japan Earthquake: No Tsunami Warning Issued From Quake

There was a Japan Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 was registered in the northeastern section of the country last July 11, 2011. This has created tremendous concerns in the country as the nuclear problem is not yet fully recovered. The Japan Meteorological Agency needed to set the tsunami warning but big waves didn’t take course.

Japan Earthquake

Now another Japan Earthquake hit July 22 but did not result to any damages or casualties’ compared to the 9.0 magnitude that happened last March of this year. On the other hand, The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that the earthquake originated 77 miles northeast of Sendai city. In addition, no tsunami warning has been issued.

With another Japan Earthquake the Japanese people are very much aware now of the consequences of living where they currently reside. They do have warning devices to advise neighboring countries near to the area. But with all of the technology used for detection, Japan can only hope that their country would be saved from another turmoil like the March Earthquake which killed thousands of people.


  1. Steve Thompson says:

    Here is background geological information explaining why Japan experienced such a massive earthquake on March 11th and why the country continues to experience additional powerful earthquakes:


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