Amy Winehouse Dead: 27 Year Old Singer Found Dead

Reports are saying that Amy Winehouse was found dead this morning at her London, England flat. Her death at this time, is unexplained. She apparently was found dead at 4 p.m. During the week, the Back to Black singer was with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield at the iTunes festival. Amy Winehouse did not perform at the event, although Dionne Bromfield was on stage, promoting her album.

Amy Winehouse Dead

Reportedly, staggering Amy grabbed the mic on the stage and told people to buy Bromfield’s album. Amy Winehouse had previously canceled her European tour after having a disaster in Belgrade where once again she staggered on stage and seemed incoherent during her performance. A video circulated after the concert showing Amy very disoriented to the dismay of her fans and now Amy Winehouse is dead.

It was thought that Amy Winehouse, 27, would take as long as necessary to recover from this ordeal and bring her back to reality. Everyone wished her well and would do whatever it took to help her. Subsequently, Amy Winehouse withdrew from all scheduled performances. Amy Winehouse found dead at her home in London, England today.

Amy Winehouse Performing with her Daughter Dionne Bromfield

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