Chicago Bears: Major Wright and Harvey Unga

The NFL season has yet to make it to the hot topic of conversation for everyone. Indeed, NFL towns are seeing a big growth in hometown fans but right now, baseball and golf are still ranking high on the list of sports to watch. Although the Chicago Bears were able to get the first draft pick of 2010 with Major Wright, it’s unrealistic to think he can make a big difference this quick.

The teamĀ is going to need a safety who can play and sustain the length of a full NFL season. Apparently safety’s aren’t just waiting in the wings for teams to grab. Major Wright and Chris Harris could jump in and handle these duties but can they do it all. The Chicago Bears have to ensure that they have more than just an average safety on the field.

In addition to getting Wright in the draft, the supplemental draft also provided Harvey Unga a chance. Unga was chosen in the 7th round yesterday and hopefully can step up and make some big plays at running back. Unga was doing well at BYU but left school when his violated the honor code by having sexual relations with his fiance’. If Unga and Wright can get in the groove and learn as much about the Chicago Bears routine, the outcome could be quite pleasing to Bears fans.

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