Amy Winehouse Death: Autopsy Still to be Performed

The music world was shocked to hear about the Amy Winehouse death on Saturday although friends and relatives have warned long ago that the 27-year-old singer is badly influenced by “friends” who keep her close to drugs. Amy’s U.K. representative, Chris Goodman, announced the Amy Winehouse death after her body was found in the bed by a bodyguard in her Camden apartment.

autopsy still to be performed

The bodyguard immediately called emergency but the medics were unable to resuscitate and the police announced that Amy Winehouse was dead. Police declined to comment on the cause of her death, saying that it is an “unexplained” death of a woman who was alone in her bed. Her autopsy is scheduled for early this week with no results expected earlier than Tuesday.

“I can’t tell you what this means to us. It really is making this a lot easier for us,” her father Mitch told the crowd of fans who gathered at her apartment while her mother and brother were also seen visiting the place.

Amy’s doctor had paid a visit to her the previous night, U.K. media reported, while no drugs have been found around her contrary to allegations she was heavily addicted to narcotics. She was also addicted to alcohol in spite of her tender age.

She was considered one of the most gifted contemporary female singers with her talent being destructed by heavy drinking and endless drug-powered parties. Her last live concert in Belgrade was a total failure and her European tour was canceled following her drunk on-scene behavior in Serbia.

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