Kim Kardashian Crashes Fiances Bachelor Party

Kim Kardashian, the well known reality TV star managed to hit the headlines again with a story titled “Kim Kardashian Crashes Fiances Bachelor Party” after leaving her own bachelorette party in Las Vegas to surprise her future husband Kris Humphries and his friends.

It is not surprising that Kim Kardashian crashes her fiances bachelor party because many Hollywood veterans expected her to try to produce as much news as possible around her own party in Vegas and the one of her fiance. Big money is on the table to be grabbed and the reality TV star is trying to monetize her wedding as expensive as possible.

At first glance, Kris Humphries looked surprised to see the bride-to-be at his bachelor party but quickly recovered and gave her a huge kiss in front of the crowd. Cameras caught all of the action, which will be shown on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The couple’s wedding is scheduled for August this year and the ceremony is planned to attract more attention than the Royal Wedding earlier in the year. It will be amazing to follow the ever going show the couple produces in their rather fruitless efforts to grab the attention of a global audience, but the stakes are high and Kim and her fiance probably carefully planned how Kim Kardashian would crash her fiances bachelor party to produce more media hype.

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