Alleged Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape Emerges

A Spanish citizen contends that he has the possession of a 6 ½ minute Marilyn Monroe sex tape. The owner of the alleged Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape, Mikel Barsa wants it to be sold for a half of a million dollars. He also said that the original copy of the tape was found years ago. Mikel Barsa maybe out of his mind when Scott Forner a collector of Marilyn Monroe’s memorabilia stated that it was not Marilyn as he mentioned the lips and chin didn’t matched from his collection.

Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape

Scott Forner also reiterated that this maybe just another gimmick for people selling some ancient sex film that doesn’t feature Monroe. The one time manager of Marilyn Monroe has not yet commented on the issue. The alleged Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape certainly draws a lot of attention through the Internet. Whether or not the movie shows Monroe or not, the controversy continues.

People nowadays will always try to make some noise just to gain a serious pay check. It was in this case where the late Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jean Baker has been exploited. I now wonder if Marilyn Monroe was alive at this moment of time, what would be her reaction.
Well, she may be disappointed or she may tell us something about it. We can’t really tell. One thing is for sure, the alleged Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape is just another ploy to gain some attention.


  1. Marcy says:

    Having seen clips and still shots from the film I can agree 100% with Mr. Forner when he states the girl in the film is NOT Marilyn. I’ve read dozens of books about Marilyn, seen almost all of her films and studied zillions of images and consider myself to have a vast knowledge of her life and likeness. Yes, there is a resemblance but Marilyn it is not. Just look at any one of the hundreds of images taken of her in the years when the film was supposedly made and one can see the quite obvious differences in the face, hair and body between Marilyn and the girl. Whoever decides to buy this tape believing it’s Marilyn deserves to be duped out of their money.

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