The Bachelorette 2011: July, 25 Recap

Did you miss the Bachelorette last night well have no fear we are here with your Bachelorette 2011 Jul 25 recap. Ashley Hebert and the three remaining suitors made their way to the island of Fiji. Each bachelor had a special date with Ashley that ended with the opportunity to have an overnight stay in Ashley’s suite.

july 25 recap

The first Fiji date on the Bachelorette 2011 was between Ashely and Ben F. the winemaker from Sonoma. The two shared a lovely day out on a yacht and snorkeling before having a romantic dinner. Ben shared his feelings toward Ashely breaking out the “L” word before he accepted the invite to have an overnight stay.

Next up was Ashely and Constantine. The two had a helicopter ride above the islands before heading out for some swimming and splashing around in the lagoons and waterfalls of Fiij.  After having a romantic dinner Constantine decided to leave the Bachelorette 2011 saying he did not feel the relationship was going to the next level.

The final date with J.P. started off with a seaplane ride that brought them onto a private island. The two have a lovely time and a romantic dinner in the jungle and ended the evening with an overnight date.

At the beginning of tonight’s episode Ashely had a visitor from Ryan Park, the eliminated bachelor from a couple weeks ago. He flew to Fiji to ask Ashley for a second chance. She thought about his request and before her date with J.P. Ashley informed Ryan that her feelings for him were just not there.

So all in all the July 25 recap for the Bachelorette 2011 shows that Ashley said goodbye to two men, Constantine and Ryan, and gave out two roses to set up a finale with J.P. and Ben F.


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