Bachelorette Recap July 25

Ashley Hebert is having some man problems on last night’s episode of the Bachelorette. One man returns to the show and another one, one that she kind of liked, leaves the show. She is left with only two men and the choice is going to be very hard, she seems to be IN love with both of them.

Bachelorette Recap July 25

This Bachelorette July 25 recap takes place in such a beautiful, romantic location, and romance is in the air in the tropics of Fiji. They have islands to themselves, flights and sight-seeing over clear, blue coral reefs, cruising through the waters on their own yacht, swimming in the ocean waters and jumping below a hidden in the jungle, gorgeous waterfall. Dining among the lush jungle atmosphere and beds with rose petals.

Ryan who had recently not received a rose, came back to see if she really meant it, he thought he had felt a spark there from Ashley. The Bachelorette July 25 recap shows that Ashley had no spark and he left the show once again. Her romantic dinner with Constantine turned out to be a surprise to Ashley, when Constantine said he was leaving. He did not have the feelings for Ashley needed to continue his quest. Both Ben and J.P. received a rose and now, which one will she chose. You will have to wait until the Bachelorette Finale airs to find out who Ashley Hebert picks.

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