Jesse James and Kat Von D Breakup

The Jesse James and Kat Von D split is one of the many breakups that have created a stir this week in the news. It seems the long week was full of break ups and call off engagements and for what reason do these things happen, well not all relationships end like a fairy tale story with a happy ending. It was Kat Von D who confirmed on her twitter account that she and Jesse James were no longer together.

Jesse James Kat Von D Breakup

It was just last January when James and Kat Von D planned to get engaged. Jesse James lives outside of Austin, Texas while Kat Von D lives in Los Angeles and this may have been one of the reasons for their breakup. Jesse feels sad about the incident as he stated,” I’m so sad because I really love her. The distance between us was just too much.” Jesse James stated, he did love Kat so much.

The Jesse James and Kat Von D Breakup tells us a story where the distance between them ended their relationship. It saddens both parties and it really hurts their plans of marriage. But we really don’t know if it is completely over as the couple may just  decide to be together again and live in one place. What are your thoughts on the Jesse James and Kat Von D Breakup?

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