Bachelorette Spoilers: The Final Two & 2011 Bachelorette Finale Winner

Ben F and JP are The Bachelorette final two bachelors after Constantine unexpectedly quit the show, self-eliminating himself in an unexpected move. Everything was going smoothly for Constantine and Ashley before he revealed he is not really in love with her, becoming the third guy that leaves the show this season. Prior to The Bachelorette 2011 final two to be made known, Ryan Park arrived to ask for Ashley’s heart but she honestly told him he is not the man of her dreams.

Bachelorette Spoilers Finale Winner

Constantine made a similar move, honestly admitting that he respects her and her family too much to go to the ‘Fantasy Suite’. Therefore, The Bachelorette final two for 2011 are now known and Ashley should pick between Ben F and JP with spoilers hinting that the 26-year-old will select JP to happily engage him as the 2011 Bachelorette finale winner.

Prior to Constantine, Ryan “Mickey” McLean and Bentley have left the show, while Ashley hoped Mickey would have been the man to propose to her. However, he did not want to engage Ashley leaving her in desperation whether or not someone else will fall in love with her who is ready to build a life together.

Constantine did behave in an honest and masculine manner and he should be respected for his behavior. Now, we can only wait to see how The Bachelorette final two bachelors will behave towards Ashley as the Finale winner will be chosen. Who do you think Ashley Hebert will choose, JP or Ben F?


  1. Kate says:

    She picks JP, they are engaged.

  2. Bree says:

    Either way, she will get a great guy! She did a good job of picking men that would compliment her!

  3. fely robosa says:

    I think Ben F is the best for Ashley….

  4. Lesa K says:

    She was the worst Bachlorette ever!!! Why did she continue to keep guys who showed absolutely no interest in her. When Ryan was head over heels for her she treated him horribly. She cried uncontrollably over Bentley… Really!!! Ben and JP should both run for the hills.

  5. judy says:

    I don’t think she should’ve even been a bachelorette. She can’t decide who she wants to be with. I think no matter who she picks it won’t last, she’s too wishy-washy.

  6. TeeGee says:

    So if she already made her mind up when she got to the final 3. Then why would she shack up with the other 2? And if you think she didn’t make up her mind yet at the final 3, then I guess it boils down to who is the biggest and best in bed. And if you were the one she picks in the end, based on those standards, isn’t that a question that will someday come up in their relationship? Why would someone propose to a woman who just climbed out of the sack with 2 other guys? And if she is doing all this for fame and fortune, then I guess you could equate her actions to what we used to call a “$10. in the front seat and $20. in the back kind of girl! Her family must be very proud of her after watching her on the show!

  7. Tony says:

    What have we become in this country? We are putting a whore on a pedstal Yes, anyone who shacks up with 3 different guys on national TV under the pretense of looking for a mate, is either a whore, or if she did it for fame and fortune, that makes her a prostitute, take you pick!!!!

  8. Candy says:

    Well to those saying she is sleeping with each guy I’d like to first say do you have no self control where you couldn’t sleep in the same bed with a guy and not have sex? Secondly I have to say I wish I would have tested presay more waters before I got married my Man whome I love with all my heart is the most borning lay in the world. I think it would truely help our relationship on many levels if the pumping was a little stronger!

  9. Randi says:

    I don’t believe that the fantasy suite is about sleeping with each other. Its about taking more time to learn about the person. So, even though I don’t like her as a bachelorette, I don’t think her or the guys really have that intention. If you were in that position, wouldn’t you want that little more time before you decide to get engaged? I agree with the person that said, it won’t last anyway, but…. I’ve always said…. JP is the most attractive, engaging, and honest man and I am sure she will pick him :)

  10. cathylefebvre says:

    omg she choosed jp …… big mistake she will regret that decision …….

  11. cathylefebvre says:

    i will say that ashlee is the least of my favorite bachelorettes ……… i

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