NFL Lockout Over: 2011 NFL Free Agency

The NFL lockout is now over thanks to the agreement on the new NFL labor deal. This new labor deal will bring the largest pool of NFL free agents ever seen before by the NFL in 2011. Within the next few days literally hundreds of NFL free agents will be signed by various teams who are under the salary cap of $120 million.

NFL Free Agency 2011

The teams over the $120 million salary cap will have to cut players who are putting them over the salary cap. This means that those players will enter free agency and sign with other teams who are under the new salary cap. The excitement will be absolutely unbearable since this will change so many teams and also create a more even playing field in the NFL this season.

The top 5 potential players to enter free agency are Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints at $12.5 million per year, DB Nate Clements of the San Francisco 49ers at $14 million per year, QB Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans at $12.8 million per year, WR Bernard Berrian of the Minnesota Vikings at $3.7 Million per year and LB Nick Barnett of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers at $4.2 million. These are all potential NFL free agents in order for their teams to make the new salary cap.

The top 5 NFL teams with salary cap problems are the Dallas Cowboys who will need to drop a whopping $18.9 million to make the new salary cap. The New York Giants who will need to drop $11.3 million and the Oakland Raiders who sit $10 million over the new salary cap. The Pittsburgh Steelers will need to cut salary by $10 million and the Minnesota Vikings are currently $5 million over the new NFL salary cap.

The top 5 teams that can benefit from the 2011 NFL Free Agency are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are $59.2 million under the cap and the Seattle Seahawks who sit $39 million under the NFL salary cap. The Arizona Cardinals are currently $37.3 million under the cap while the Chicago Bears are $37 million under the new NFL salary cap. The Cincinnati Bengals are $35.9 million under the cap and the Buffalo Bills are also $35.9 million under the new NFL salary cap. All of the above teams have the ability to make their rosters so much better if they dive into the NFL free agency market.

It is reported that the salary cap floor will be set at $112 million meaning that teams like Buffalo and Cincinnati will be forced to go on a free agent spending spree which will make the free agency market very exciting. The new CBA will allow teams to have up to 72 hours to negotiate with their own free agents before other teams can talk to them. After the 72 hours it will be a wide open NFL free agent market. This has the potential to make the upcoming Super Bowl 46 anyone’s game if they play their cards right in the 2011 NFL Free Agent market.

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