Jesse James & Kat Von D Split: Kat Gets Tattoo of Jesse Before Breakup

Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, the cheating Jesse James has split with the girl that broke up their marriage. Kat Von D and Jesse James became engaged in January and were planning a wedding for this summer. The tattoo model recently had the face of Jesse tattooed to add to her collection. Reports are saying that Jesse feels there is too much drama in their relationship for him.

Jesse James & Kat Von D Split

Hey, it wasn’t that long ago, Jesse James said he would never cheat on her. What’s that saying, once a cheater, always a cheater. Is there another woman in Jesse’s life? When Kat Von D first showed her new tattoo to Jesse on her television show, “LA Ink”, didn’t the 42-year-old Jesse say “your crazy, but I love you”. What happened in this short time that caused the Jesse James & Kat Von D split? Was it getting too close to their one year anniversary and their wedding day?

Everyone gets the jitters, and maybe more so, knowing it is your second time around. Jesse James mentioned that their relationship was long distance with Kat Von D living in Los Angeles and the motorcycle designer Jesse living in Texas, wanting to remain close to his three children. Maybe, and this is a big maybe, Sandra Bullock is coming back into the picture. What do you think about the Jesse James & Kat Von D split?

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