Chinese Couple Turn Kids Into Cash

A Chinese couple turn their kids into cash to cover their obsession with video games in Dongguan, in central Guangdong province. The parents of two sons and a daughter have sold them for $10,000 to fund their video games addiction while playing games at Internet cafes.

Chinese Couple Sell Kids

The two Chinese, Li Lin and Li Juan, first met in an Internet cafe three years ago and later got married with their passion for video games never ceasing to exist. The Chinese couple turned the kids into cash to satisfy their growing need for gaming and worked out a plan to sell their daughter back in 2009. At that time, they managed to get only $500 for their daughter, which was too low a sum to cover their growing expenses. Then they decided to cash on their son and got $4,600 while another of their sons was sold for the same amount of money.

This is the first time local media report that a Chinese couple turn kids into cash to fund such an addiction, and now the authorities are investigating where the three children are located. According to surveys, up to 13 percent of Chinese college students are addicted to video games, which turns to be a growing problem in the country.

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