Tour De France Winner 2011: Cadel Evans Wins Tour de France

Cadel Evans, made another winning moment in his career as he earned the championship in the Tour De France tournament. His winning moment in 1994 at the UCI World MTB Cup was again another triumphant event of his cycling career. With heart and tremendous effort he finally made it to the top in the 2011 Tour de France race.

2011 Tour De France Winner

In 2007, he placed second on the Tour de France event, in the following year he was a runner-up again. Last year was a totally different story as he was leading the race but fractured his left elbow. At the age of 34, Tour de France Winner 2011, Cadel Evans, deserved to win this featured race.

His wife, Chiara was just too emotional as she sees her husband winning the Tour de France tournament. I’m sure Cadel Evans countrymen is also so proud of what he has achieved. Evans had to show determination all throughout his career. Indeed, that person who never gives up will succeed in the end. Tour De France Winner 2011 Cadel Evans, mentioned that he’ll need some rest to compete again for next year’s featured tournament.

With this accomplishment his legacy to the sport will always be remembered by his fellow Aussies. His career will serve as an inspiration to future cyclist of Australia. Time will only tell if Cadel Evans can now repeat as the Tour de France champion like Lance Armstrong did in the past.

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