Comic-Con 2011: Recap of Comic Con Highlights

One of the exciting Comic events that will be remembered this year is the Comic-Con 2011 San Diego. A kid or an adult, if you just love comics and comic characters, I’m pretty sure you had to take the chance to attend one of the biggest comic book conventions held in San Diego. The Comic-Con 2011 had to run almost five days which featured different people, characters and events for the avid Comic fans.

Comic Con 2011

The most exciting things that had happened is they showed the trailer of Dexter for season 6, updates by Steven Spielberg for Jurassic Park 4, the much anticipated trailer for Paranormal Activity 3, upcoming scenes from Beavis and Butt-Head and other exciting events.

There were also film showings and separate festivals that happened for the event. It’s another successful year for Comic-Con 2011 as there were a record number of attendances for Comic-Con attendees. However for many fans there were just too many people for them to think about attending the Comic event. But for those who did decide to conquer the large crowds there were literally thousands of freebies that were given away at Comic-Con 2011.

Next year, it will draw huge crowds again and a lot of participants will be much more engaging and interactive than ever before. Every fan of Comic-Con seems to be delighted and content on what had happened last week. I`m sure there will be more new exciting events for next year’s Comic Con in San Diego.

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