Amy Winehouse Dead: Police Called for Drunken Amy Winehouse Fans

Drunken Amy Winehouse fans surrounded London’s home of the star singer who passed away a few days ago. Police were called to the place after a few neighbors complained about fans conducting in an unacceptable manner, and one man was arrested in North London, Metropolitan Police officials said.

Amy Winehouse Dead

The drunken Amy Winehouse fans have left tonnes of empty beer cans, while bottles wallowed all over the place where other fans laid flowers to mark their sorrow over Amy’s death. The funeral of the popular British singer was on Tuesday and her remains were cremated afterward. Toxicology results from her autopsy are expected within a month but it was not a secret she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Therefore, drunken Amy Winehouse fans were the last scene her family and close friends wanted to see close to the house where Amy Winehouse was found dead.

Following the cremation service, here father Mitch announced that he is starting a foundation aimed to help people who are addicted to various substances like drugs and alcohol. He repeatedly called friends and people close to his daughter not to encourage her to use drugs or alcohol beverages.

Police declined to comment on Amy Winehouse’s death, saying that no overdose is involved and calling the singer’s death “unexplained”. No narcotics were found in her bedroom or close to her when a bodyguard first discovered that Amy Winehouse was dead.


  1. Brenda says:

    So sad that a young talented star had to die this way, she had so much to look forward to if given more time. Prayers and thoughts to her family and friends.

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