Jesse James & Kat Von D Split: Jesse James has New Girlfriend?

Jesse James & Kat Von D Split as the star couple were set to marry this year. The move was rather unexpected since the couple demonstrated good relationship recently and persistently denied they experience any problems in their life together. Does Jesse James have a new girlfriend or perhaps Sandra Bullock is coming home, only time will tell.

Jesse James & Kat Von D

Rumors are the two had a scandal in Los Angeles on Monday, with Kat repeatedly mentioning another woman’s name in the course of their argument. The saying once a cheater always a cheater comes to mind.

“They were outside and I could hear them fighting. Kat kept throwing some woman’s name out and saying she didn’t like him living so far away,” a witness stated. This makes us think that perhaps Jesse James has a new girlfriend.

Jesse James is known for his continuous infidelities while he was married to actress Sanrda Bullock, therefore, a headline like “Jesse James & Kat Von D Split” is not quite a surprise. This was the main cause for Jesse James divorce from Sandra Bullock in June 2010.

Jesse James  and Kat Von D engaged in late January, 2010, and their engagement lasted only half a year. Jesse has three children he raises in Austin, Texas so one would think they would keep him busy enough from having a new girlfriend. Check back for daily updates on the Jesse James and Kat Von D split.

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