PlayStation Network Update: PSN Store Opens in Brazil

It is official! Sony has opened a PlayStation Network Store in Brazil. Sony has already chosen 200 pieces of content that was chosen specifically with Brazil gamers in mind. The PSN store opens in Brazil with a launch of downloadable game titles that includes Assassin’s Creed II and even classics like Metal Gear Solid. The PSN store is also offering demos for games such as Little Big Planet. The store will have regular weekly updates that will begin on August 2, 2011. PSN users who were affected by the service outage earlier this year are glad the PSN store opens in Brazil because Sony is going to extend its PSN Welcome Back Program to those users.

PSN Store Brazil

The Brazil store was launched as part of Sony’s plans to extend digital entertainment throughout Latin America. Brazil is only the second country in this area that can enjoy digital content from the PlayStation Network on PS3 and PSP. Along with the downloadable content and games, the Brazilian PlayStation Network allows for multiplayer online gaming, chat, social networking and friends lists.

The new PSN store is available to users in English or Brazilian Portuguese languages and allows for payments via credit cards. The store is planning on allowing pre-paid cards for purchases that can be bought in retail stores soon. Because piracy is still at a high level in Brazil, legal gamers are hoping the new store will help curb some of the illegal gaming activities that have caused service issues in the past.

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