The Bachelorette 2011 Spoilers: Will Ashley Hebert choose JP or Ben F?

Fans of The Bachelorette 2011 know who the final two contestants are, but the question remains: will Ashley Hebert choose JP or Ben F? While Reality Steve has shed some light on which guy will win, fans should keep an open mind as it is possible Steve’s source has been paid off to mislead fans for a more surprising ending and draw in more viewers for the Bachelorette 2011 finale.

Bachelorette 2011 Spoilers

Remember that Steve was wrong last season so there is no reason to completely believe he is right this time. What was Steve’s spoiler? Will Ashley Hebert choose JP or Be F? The Bachelorette 2011 spoilers leads fans to believe that JP is the one Ashley will choose to win on The Bachelorette 2011.

So if the current Bachelorette 2011 spoilers do turn out to be true, fans will more than likely be satisfied. Fans have noticed Ashley may be falling for comical Ben F, but see her connection and love for JP is undeniable. JP has been a fan favorite throughout the season and will surely be a well-liked winner of the Bachelorette 2011 show. JP and Ashley have had the most time and togetherness, especially after episode 6 and she has been able to be herself when they are together more than she can with the other guys. Unfortunately it will not be until the Bachelorette 2011 finale airs that fans will be able to stop wondering will Ashley Hebert choose JP or Ben F?


  1. verna breazeale says:

    I think Ben is more suited for Ashley than JP, Jp in too much of a playboy, I think Ben is more sincere, will definently make a better husband and stay true to Ashley, something about Jp just rubs me wrong, I have been watching the bachelor and the bachelorertte every single espisode since it started and I knew Ryan was the one for Trista and that they would have a future together and I have picked several others that they also ended up picking but unforunatley they did not work out for the couples. Ben is just a more down to earth good looking guy that every mother would want their daughters to end up with. He’s just a good guy all the way around and Jp just wants you to think he’s a good guy but think he will end up hurting Ashely if she picks him, he has a pretty smiile but thats about it. I have a 35 year daughter and if she hadn t been married for 17 years already i would love to have her pick a great guy like Ben, I think he is just one of a kind that anyone would to have in their family. My friends all agree with me on Ben being the right one for
    Ashley, lets just hope she knows who is right for her and who is wrong, like she thought Bentley was a great choice and we all saw what a jerk he turned out to be.

  2. Brenda says:

    I agree totally. I think Ben is the right guy for her and I just hope that he is the one she chooses. I Feel like the spoilers maybe right this time though and JP will be the one , just dont think they will be wrong 2 times in a row. But I still have that little bit of hope that maybe he is wrong again and it will be Ben..But if not, I hope he is the next bachelor….

  3. Amelia says:

    I agree with both comments. I think if Ashley picks ben, they will have a good future ahead of them :) JP seems like a decent man, my only conern is I see a lot of jealousy all of a sudden coming out in his personality. Yes, she is daiting other men on the show, but if you look at previous episodes JP was always the calm, cool, collective one. Now, a whole different side of him is appearing, and I think if Ashley chooses JP there is a great chance that in the future jealousy will be the downfall and lead to heartbreak at the end. But I could be wrong. Still believe though, Ben would make a great, loving, and caring husband for Ashley. We will see soon.

  4. Connie Johnson says:

    In the end people, it does not matter if you think Ben or JP is best for Ashley. Even her sister tried to dissuade Ashley. It is her decision. As for JP seeming to be jealous, it is a natural emotion when you love someone. Seeing them date other people, kissing other men – it’s a bit of a stretch for a man to deal with. It’s nothing new and quite natural.

  5. Lisa Donker says:

    I totally feel that Ben is so much more suited for Ashley than JP. He is not as cute as Ben and Ben is more down to earth and would make a better husband. I do not think it would ever be boring and being in the wine business would be exciting. I hope she makes the right choice. He is very sincere.

  6. Bonnie says:

    JP is totally the best choice for Ashley. He is so down to earth, not to mention, the best looking. What are you people thinking…. Ben is NOT good looking and he is so boring to listen to. Nice, yes, but definitely NOT the next bachelor material. I would NEVER watch a season with him…. his voice is so annoying and it would be a total bore. He keeps saying the same thing over and over. JP and Ashley make the best match. Good luck to them.

  7. Art Boucher says:

    I am watching the final episode of the Bachlorette on Monday, August 1, 2011 with my wife of 39 years. We are both very disturbed to see Ashley’s sister Chrystie being the voice for the family. Ashley’s mother and step-father and brother are like bumps on a log, with little to no input. Chrystie is entitled to her opinion, but Ashley is an adult, and she should decide her own future. Certainly, we want our family’s approval, but Chrystie seems to be just a control freak.

    Chrystie has self-esteem problems, evidenced by her body full of tatoos and a failed marriage. Our feeling is that Chrsytie is simply jealous of Ashley. She also liked all the television air time. Additionally, she came across that the decision as to whom Ashley chose was hers. Maybe she should be on the next Bachlorette show for freaks, and lets see how she does.

    I met my wife on a Sunday and asked her to get married a week later. We were married less than two months from the day we met. As mentioned above, we have been happily married for 39 years. The connection was immediate and we did not need to analyze ever aspect of whether it was the right decision. We believe that God put us together, and that is all we need. I might add that my wife’s parents became my parents, and I loved them as much as my own parents. All four of them are gone, and we miss each of them dearly.

    Ashley needs to start making her own life decisions, especially when it comes to whom she will marry. This is the person that will the most important individual in her life.

  8. Wendy says:

    Well Ashley will soon learn that JP is not the man for her just like all the other bachlor/bachlorettes have found out. I felt so bad for Ben he really put himself out there and really loved her. He would have been awesome for her and their life would have been real not all fluff like her’s and JP’s is sure to be. Remember this is the women who loved Bentley who made her look like an fool. I think Ashley’s sister was right and good for her for loving her sister enough to be honest in her feelings. Sometimes you just know and time means nothing. Family means everything and there now is going to be this thing between her and JP for ever.

  9. Laurie says:

    Should be interesting. Ashley did not make a very good bachlorette. She almost sabotaged herself the way she decided to handle her relationships. I did not enjoy watching this seasons because of Ashley. The way she interacted with the guys seemed very awkward, the questions she asked, the blank look on her face when they would be talking to her. I wonder how many times she said “really”.

  10. Terry says:

    I think it is horrible that Ashley let Ben propose to her. I realized that she needed to figure things out, but I am sure she knew at that point her feelings for JP were stronger. This show did an amazing job in the editing dept. It really seemed that her connection with Ben was much stronger. If I were JP I would not have the best feeling after watching. Shame on Ashley for allowing Ben to get down on one knee to propose.

  11. Ali says:

    What a huge mistake she made, Giving up a life of new beginnings for a spark of passion. A spark will fade but a life time of first will only grow. I agree shame on her for allowing him to get down on one knee, she took something from him right there which makes me feel she is selfish. If she feels she has stronger feelings for JP that’s one thing but to make Ben waste his first proposal in life on her was just wrong! I was a huge JP fan but felt her and Ben would make a much better match in life. Only she knows whats going to make her happy now only time and the tabloids will tell.

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