Justin Bieber Tattoo Pictures

Justin Bieber tattoo pictures are circulating online, provoking comments whether a teenager should boast tattoos approved by his father. The baby-faced pop idol showed his new “Jesus” decoration while Justin Bieber tattoo pictures quickly managed to become top news for fans and critics alike. Bieber’s fans claim there is no wrong doing in tattoos your father had allowed you to get, but some people insist that a 17-year-old young man should not be enabled to experiment with his skin.

Justin Bieber Tattoo

The Justin Bieber tattoo pictures triggered a wave of controversial comments after further pictures were released, showing him to demonstrate a brave face in front of the needle. His father was pictured as holding his son’s hand while the tattoo was made.

Justin Bieber tattooed the word Yeshua, which is the Hebrew word for “Jesus”, on his side increasing the number of his tats to three. He got his first tattoo on the age of 16 when Justin’s parents gave their approval to make it, raising questions on the appropriateness of such a decision. Nevertheless, now Justin Bieber proudly shows his three tattoos and does not seem to be bothered by critics who claim he is too young to do such things. Most singers have at least one tattoo, with rock music stars showing impressive whole body tats. What do you think of the Justin Bieber tattoo.


  1. naomi rhoads says:

    His parents are already suspect for letting him hang around with Chris Brown…(the domestic violence homophobe who has tattoos scribbled all over himself….not very appealing). What are they thinking? That is a heck of a role model for a teen body.

    This week Amy Winehouse was found dead, and no one was very surprised. It would be a shame if this kid ends up in decline…..and it sure doesn’t seem as if intelligent choices are surrounding him.

  2. karen says:

    well… i was so disappointed with that kind of news…i thought he was a good role model especially he have a lot of teen fans..i;m fan of him but seeing him like that…make me angry….

    …that was so disgusting..

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