Chinese Couple Convert Kids Into Cash

If you think you’ve heard or seen it all, think again! The world has turned upside down in China and it seems that some people would simply do anything for money nowadays. Believe it or not, there is a Chinese couple that convert their kids into cash.

Chinese Sell Kids

A Chinese couple, Li Lin and Li Juan (both under the age of 21), decided to sell their kids, in order to make some good money. The couple popped out 2 boys and a girl and they all ended up getting sold so their parents could play video games at Internet Cafes. Girls are quite worthless in China and the couple only got $500 for her, but the boys are really worth a lot of money and when the couple blew through the cash they got for the girl, they decided to also sell both of their male children. Each boy brought the Chinese couple $4600 each.

The Chinese couple would have continued popping out babies and selling them if it had not been for the girl’s mother who started asking questions about her grandchildren. When the news about them selling their children and spending the money in Internet Cafes got out, both parents said that they had no idea that selling children was illegal. Furthermore the Chinese couple who convert kids into cash also stated that they wanted to make more babies, but not to raise them. The only thing they want to do is to sell them to pay for their video game addiction.

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