Kim Kardashian Has Psoriasis: What is it?


Psoriasis is a very common skin condition and there are millions of people suffering from it. Now, Kim Kardashian is part of the 7.5 million people who have psoriasis and although she is very worried about it, she did not seem to be ashamed of it when the whole world found out about it.

Kim Kardashian Psoriasis

Yes, it is true, the one and only Kim Kardashian has psoriasis and she found out about it during the Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” During the same episode, Kim seemed to be really worried about the fact that the red spots on her stomach would appear on the video she is to make for Skechers Shape Ups. However, there is a wide range of treatments the celebrity can use in order to keep the condition under control. She should probably ask her mother, Kris, for help, as she is also known to have psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a hereditary condition and it is quite obvious from whom Kim got her psoriasis from. Still, the skin condition is not contagious and given that there are many treatments people can use to keep it under control, Kim should not be worried at all. So what if Kim Kardashian has psoriasis? There are millions out there who suffer from this condition, but not everybody gets to show their red spots on TV.


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