National Dance Day 2011

National Dance Day 2011 is one of the most exciting days in the U.S. It is usually commemorated every July 30th and features different events and celebrations in every state of the U.S. Moreover, National Dance Day 2011 is for everyone including families, organizations and communities to express themselves by a unique style of dancing.

National Dance Day 2011

National Dance Day 2011 is usually promoted by major sponsors who including the Fox TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance” and foundations like the Dizzy Feet Foundations and Larry King Cardiac Foundation. The National Dance Day will be celebrated at Six Flags parks throughout the U.S.

Nigel Lythgoe of the “So You Think You Can Dance” show said that they will create three dancing routines that will be challenging with the participation of Tabitha and Napoleon as the choreographers. I guess the spirit of National Dance Day 2011 is getting more exciting than ever. Every within the U.S can showcase their dance numbers by submitting videos and posting pictures to social media sites. This is just one of the most treasured days where families and friends get some quality time to bond and share some smiles and laughter with one another.

Dancing is a very powerful tool to express one’s self. It is an art that can be done gracefully and professionally or just for pure enjoyment. As we celebrate National Dance Day for 2011, let’s not forget to share those happy moments with your friends and family while dancing.

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