NYC Triathlon: Heat Advisory in Effect

Athletes taking part in any endurance event generally train for an extremely long time to take part in the one event. Moreover, when Mother Nature decides to intervene and mess with these huge events, some athletes choose to simply ignore her. Many simply plan to scale back the speed at which they compete instead of dropping out all together. The buff athletes partaking in the NYC Triathlon have a huge road ahead of them as the tri-state area is under a heat advisory until 6 PM tonight.

This is one event that takes an athlete to the brink in every way possible. Swimming, biking and running all in one day is a daunting task even in small distances. But, 1500 meters in the waters of the Hudson River, 40k on a bike through the trails on the West Side Highway an then 10k running through Central park seems down right cruel. Yet many athletes continue to participate even when it could be quite dangerous. The NYC Triathlon is definitely one of the biggest endurance events for athletes and although a few may have bowed out of all three events, those who train well will be fine as they work through the events.

The other factor in this event is the fans who turn out to watch and cheer their family and friends on during the three phases. Chance are those doing the watching are no where near as physically fit as those racing and many of these may find the heat less tolerable than the athletes themselves. The bottom line is after training for an event like this, traveling from far and wide to participate, the most dedicated participants aren’t going to bow out easily or early. The rest of the world can sit in the air conditioned bars, restaurants and their homes and watch as the competition in the NYC Triathlon competitors push themselves to the limit.

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