Katy Perry Blonde Hair Pictures

Katy Perry was sporting her new blonde hair at the ‘The Smurfs’ premiere in New York City the end of last week. The actress is the voice of Smurfette, an iconic character in ‘The Smurfs’ animation movie, and no one expected that Katy Perry would have blonde hair when she appeared in front of the media at the premiere.

Katy Perry Blonde Hair

Actually, Kate Perry’s blonde hair photos were first spotted at the MTV Video Music Award nominations and Hollywood reporters thought she is going to change her hair color for The Smurf premiere in New York. However, Katy Perry arrived in a white dress that perfectly reflected her new look, featuring the character’s face on the dress.

Amazingly, her image makers forced her to paint her nails with small Smurf images, which is maybe a demonstration of bad taste, experts commented. Publicity is important for a premier, however, media concentrated more on her appearance with the blonde hair rather than the quality of the movie where she was Smurfette voice. Do you like Katy Perry’s blonde hair pictures or is she better as a brunette?


  1. Maya says:

    I personally think this is amazing I love this new look I would want to do her hair haha. That seems obsessed but that’s how much I like this new do. A lot people will probably dislike this comment and the hair and some may agree I think it looks gorgeous on her…!

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