Gene Simmons Proposes to Shannon Tweed

After 28 years of war and romance, Gene Simmons proposes to Shannon Tweed. Although it may come as a surprise, given that in the past couple of episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, things did not look so good between the two, however the KISS star finally popped the question. Twenty-eight years, that’s how long it took Gene Simmons to propose to the love of his life and that happened during the season finale of the show.

Gene Simmons Proposes

The story of the two lovers is not a fairy tail, as it has seen both good and bad, but the way in which Gene Simmons proposed was actually quite romantic and breath-taking. Before kneeling down and proposing, the famous KISS singer told his future bride-to-be that she was his best friend, the only one who understood him and that despite all of his baggage, she was the only one he ever loved. The KISS star also admitted that he had heard in movies the very cheesy line that people cannot live without each other, but for him it was really true.

For the fans of the show, seeing Gene Simmons proposing to Shannon Tweed was delicious and very warm welcomed. I’m sure everyone hopes that the two can work on their relationship and they will have a happy marriage. Simmons recently tweeted or should I say tweeded, every day is a new day to work on their relationship and the two are taking things easy. The Gene Simmons family were recently spotted all together at a B.C. Lions football game where Gene flipped the coin to get the game started.


  1. JoAnn Bickel says:

    I have been watching Gene and Shannon’s show for a few years. I look forward to it because it has humor and love. The kids are great and so are Gene & Shannon.
    I sure hope Shannon says “Yes” and the show continues.

  2. Anna says:

    I love Gene and Shannon! Clearly, Gene adores this woman. She is intelligent and no-nonsense. You’re right Gene….time to “grow up” and marry this treasure of a woman and grow old together.

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