Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Who Got Evicted on July 28 Big Brother

Last Thursday the Head of the Household competition was won by Rachel, who announced that Dominic and Adam were up for eviction on the July 24th (Sunday) show. This meant that the two would play to remain in the house in the Power of Veto competition. While not all hints regarding how the vote will go on the July 28th show are correct, there are some Big Brother 13 spoilers to take note of.

Big Brother 13 Spoilers

As Daniele continues to work both sides of the house and attempted to strike deals with those house members who were nominated, she also told Dominic and Adam that she would take any measures necessary to keep them in the house. The Veteran’s alliance caught Daniele when she was tying to work out deals with the newer house guests. It is becoming obvious that she has greatly reduced her changes of winning Big Brother 13 as she continues to make enemies out of the remaining house guests. It is almost a given that she would not get the votes of Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, or Jordan on the July 28 show of Big Brother 13.

The Big Brother 13 spoilers as to who got voted off July 28 also shows that Brendon won the Power of Veto, which allowed him to keep control in his and his fiance’s power. Instead of using the power, Brendon chose to keep the nominations the same. This means that on the Thursday, July 28 episode of Big Brother 13, Dominic or Adam will be evicted. If Daniele does not win the Head of Household tonight she will also be at high risk for eviction.

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