Celebrity Death Hoax: Mel Gibson Dead

In recent months, the most popular topics around the internet have been the death of certain celebrities. Sure as the world mourn the death of Michael Jackson which were true, other celebrities are falling victim to hoaxes that mainly kick up on Twitter. The rumors don’t have a preference for celebrities either, for now, those in the limelight will sooner or later be the target. News surrounding the rumor Mel Gibson Dead is more than enough for one man right as he has enough troubles.

The former “Braveheart” star is not dead and that is certain. His luck right now is that his agents aren’t as interested in even talking to him but lucky for him, he is not dead. TMZ is one of the big online sites that covered his custody battle in depth. So, hearing Mel Gibson dead should surprise no one and simply be pushed aside as another celebrity death hoax.

The mother of his children, Oksana Grigorieva, has been the target of his words while the media is pushing him to the forefront in a negative way. The audio tapes that were released appear to be authentic but thus far, no one has been able to prove that indeed the tapes are of Gibson. The 54 year old actor is very much alive and because of that, the news circulating on Twitter is just untrue. Obviously for the man fans of this big star, hearing Mel Gibson dead and reading it online has caused almost as much chaos.

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