New York Yankees Pitcher Potential Suicide: Hideki Irabu Dead

In a home in a rich Los Angeles suburb, Rancho Palos Verdes, on Wednesday the body of Hideki Irabu, the former New York Yankees pitcher was discovered dead. Hideki Irabu, 42, was dead from an apparent suicide. The Japanese right-hander was picked up by the New York Yankees, 14 years ago, and it was thought he would become a superstar pitcher at that time.

Hideki Irabu Dead

His 98 mph fastball and his strong arm made him a starter-pitcher with great strike-out ability. He was a dynamo addition to the already World Series winners. But Hideki Irabu’s fame did not last, after leaving the New York Yankees, he played for Montreal, Texas, an American League and then recently signed with a Japanese team.

The heart-breaker came when his wife left him and took his two daughters with her, they said he became despondent and was not his happy, perky self. There are no more details available about Hideki Irabu’s death at this time, but an autopsy will be performed on Friday or Saturday.

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