DeFarra Gaymon: CEO Shot

On Friday night, one family lost a loved one and the Credit Union of Atlanta lost a CEO. The shots came from a undercover police detective who was finally interviewed last night. It appears that for now, everyone is left to wonder about the details. A spokesperson for the Essex County prosecutor’s office did say that details surrounding the death of DeFarra Gaymon will be released later.

As for the family that lost a husband, a son, a father and a friend, the questions still remain unanswered. The bank CEO was 48 years old and was shot in the chest on Friday night. For the most part, officials are in agreement that the shooting occurred at approximately 6  PM and was attending a high school reunion in Newark. Unfortunately, Defarra Gaymon leaves behind four children.

The only real details¬†about this shooting and death released are those that are generally public knowledge. The area where he was shot, Branch Book Park is known for a meeting point for various people looking to engage in sexual activity. The only other information available is in reference to the detective who is reported to be 29 and part of the police force for 8 years. Reports indicate that DeFarra Gamon didn’t normally carry a weapon and was unarmed but that he was uncooperative with the detective when he was approached.

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