American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze Engaged

Model Jonna Walsh and American Idol winner Lee DeWyze became engaged following a relationship of less than a year. Their love affair started after the actress was cast for his “Sweet Serendipity” music video and DeWyze proposed her last month while the couple was boating near Orlando.

American Idol winner Lee DeWyze proposed to his fiance after he crafted a whole scenic masterpiece to persuade Jonna to marry him. “They were playing love songs on the boat and I got down on my knee and asked her. I had a speech prepared but it all went out the window so I just asked her,” he explained.

The 25-year-old singer carefully selected Disney World in Orlando, Fla. to execute his plan. He was aware Walsh is a Disney freak and took advantage of the romantic environment on the boat.

The couple plans to get married in the fall of 2012 after American Idol winner Lee DeWyze became engaged, following an eight month love affair. He revealed both he and Jonna are convinced a couple does not need to be together for 20 years to decide they were born for each other, therefore, they unhesitatingly decided to get married.

“When you know, you know,” he said, adding that he does not plan to end his career because of the wedding and his new life as a married man.

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