Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Big Brother July 28, 2011

After a week full of fighting and tension in the house there is no doubt going to be some surprises in store for fans watching the Sunday July 31st show on CBS. This means there will be Big Brother 13 spoilers to look out for too. The recap for Big Brother July 28, 2011 includes Daniele being in the middle of everything and betraying her original alliance with the veteran players. She did however, win the HOH competition with Kalia coming in second place.

big brother spoilers

This weeks HOH competition was an endurance challenge featuring skis and snowballs. During the competition Adam won an elf costume that he now has to wear around the Big Brother 13 house. Brendon and Lawon became the have-nots.

Dominic seems to be coming closer with Daniele, who has been making connections with the new players. Dominic threw the POV competition because he thought he created a good deal with Brenchel and he also thought Adam would be voted off. Dominic was instead thrown under the bus. After the eviction votes were announced it was clear that everyone wanted Dominic out except for Daniele. Daniele announced that Jeff and Jordan were no longer her targets, for this week at least. Dani, who always seems to do well in endurance competitions, leaked that she may be after Brendon. Lot’s happened on Big Brother July 28,2011, will you be watching Sunday’s episode?


  1. ielgk gpolrmk says:

    Put Brendon and Jeff on the block

  2. ielgk gpolrmk says:

    If one wins the veto then put the girl up in his place ; Jordan for Jeff and Rachel to Replace Brendon

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