Amanda Knox Trial: Italians Botched DNA Evidence?

Amanda Knox’s roommate, Meredith Kercher, a foreign exchange student from London, was brutally stabbed to death and sexually assaulted on the night of November 1, 2007. Amanda Knox was a foreign exchange student as well from Seattle, Washington, they had both moved to Perugia, Italy to study.

Amanda Knox Trial

When Amanda Knox and boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito arrived back to the flat the next afternoon, they saw it had been burglarized and Meredith Kercher was missing. Not knowing what to do,they called the Italian police and waited outside for them to arrive. Blood was soon discovered in the rooms and Kercher’s body was found wrapped in a duvet.

According to the DNA gathered at the scene of the crime, Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and another friend, Ruby Guede, were guilty of this crime. They were all sentenced to an Italian prison with Amanda Knox to serve 26 years. All three friends claimed they were innocent. Which may well be true statement. It seems the DNA was not collected from the scene of the crime until 49 days after the murder and was contaminated. The Italian prosecutor, Guiliano Mignini has an ego problem. He has had blogs shut down that criticize his handling of the case that point towards the innocence of the three charged for the crime.

The bloggers claim this case should be a mistrial as there is no substantial evidence to convict the three friends. Amanda Knox is currently appealing the murder trial case and apparently the DNA evidence is non-conclusive. It would seem that the Italian prosecutor is trying to sensor the truth and the fact that Amanda Knox was pressured into confessing to the crime under duress.


  1. lsablake says:

    Stephanie -
    Your knowledge of the Kercher case is very spotty. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were not friends with Rudy Guede. Rudy was an acquaintance of the guys who lived in the unit below Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher’s apartment. Raffaele Sollecito, who had known Amanda Knox for less than 2 weeks, never met Rudy under any circumstances prior to being linked to the murder of Meredith Kercher, and Amanda was introduced to Rudy by her neighbors, but never had substantial interactions with him. There are no phone records, eyewitness accounts, or any other evidence which substantiates any claim that these three were ever “friends”.
    Amanda’s text message to her boss Patrick Lumumba, which said, “see you later”, was used as evidence of an conspiracy with a third party to meet up and kill Meredith Kercher. When it turns out that Lumumba had an airtight alibi, and Guede’s dna was all over the scene, the prosecutor simply substituted Guede for Lumumba and proceeded with the case. But there never was any conspiracy because these individuals were not even friends.

    This case is more bizarre and shocking than one could ever imagine.

  2. Eddiefmb says:

    I would bet anything that Amanda is innocent. Guede is the murderer and there’s plenty of proof.
    If your looking for someone who’s guilty, just look in Orlando (or that’s where she was) But one good
    thing is she has to do a year of probation. The party’s over! And if she’s gonna make all these millions,
    she better hurry because her time’s running out.
    Hustler and Larry Flint are waiting better hurry!!!

  3. Meredith Kercher had 47 defense wounds and bruises on her body. There is no proof WHATSOEVER that Amanda is involved in this crime, no forensic evidence she was in the room during the crime or wounds associated with Meredith’s body itself. I firmly know that Amanda and Raffaele are completely innocent of this crime – and they were not even there when it occurred.

    In addition, Rudy Guede FLED to Germany after the burglary and said that Amanda was not at home during the crime. In contrast, Amanda and Raffaele FLED NOWHWERE…after the crime because innocent people have no reason to FLEE when they are Innocent. I am confident that Amanda will be completely Aquitted on Sept. 15th when her Appellate verdict is read, and I expect the same for Raffaele Sollecito. -KJ

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