Meatloaf Faints on Stage: Meatloaf Continues His Concert after Fainting in Pittsburgh (Video)

The song “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” was only half-performed when Meatloaf faints on stage in Pittsburgh but refuses to leave the stage and continues his concert. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Meatloaf faints on stage in Pittsburgh due to an asthma attack that suddenly hit the famous singer.

Meatloaf Faints on Stage

Paramedics and doctors quickly reached the stage to help him regain consciousness, and the 63-year-old rocker was singing live again before the crowd in just 10 minutes, witnesses said. “Like twice as many of you, I f–ing fainted,” Meatloaf told fans. “I have asthma, I can’t breathe, and then, oh wait, I forgot, I got poked by a pin and bled half to death, and then I got slapped in the face and my tooth is loose,” he joked.

This is not the first such incident with the rock star who collapses from time to time. He was last seen collapsing in public in 2007 but recovered quickly after medics helped him. The brave rock star did not even consider to abandon his performance at the Trib Total Media Amphitheater in Pittsburgh and demonstrated a solid performance after the fainting incident.

Watch Meatloaf describe what caused his fainting on stage in the video below.

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