Casey Anthony: Hustler Wants Casey Anthony Nude for $500,000

Casey Anthony was acquitted on the 5th of July, by a jury of five men and seven women, of killing Caylee, her 2-year old daughter. However, the jury still found her guilty of some other counts, but given her good behavior, she was released on the 17th of July. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, but it seems that Hustler wants Casey Anthony nude for $500,000.

Casey Anthony Nude

Half a million dollars, that’s how much Larry Flynt is willing to pay Casey Anthony in order to take some nude pictures of her. Flynt made public this announcement on Thursday night, during the “Nancy Grace” show. The porn mogul also stated that the woman would also receive 10 percent of whatever money the magazine would be making from the Casey Anthony nude pictures. Flynt said he was very sure that things could get huge with Casey Anthony if she decided to strip for the money, as the pictures may go viral and they could both make a lot of money out of it.

So, it is true, Hustler wants Casey Anthony nude for $500,000 and there is nothing that can stop Flynt from achieving his goals, it seems, except that Anthony has not said anything about this yet. However, if she accepts, she will not only earn half a million dollars plus the 10 percent out of whatever money the magazine will make by posting her nude pictures, but it seems that Flynt also stated that he would donate a portion of his profits to abused children shelters or abused children.

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