Shirley Sherrod: Talks Too Loud

As an over all rule, people with positions of power are expected to act and speak with political correctness all the time. However, where one man’s idea of being PC ends, another begins. Not always to the good folks with powerful hands agree on what is acceptable. For Shirley Sherrod, she spoke what she thought and has now resigned from her position with the USDA.

The reports are that she resigned but the basic information appears that she was really fired. The USDA’s only statement is regarding their no-tolerance policy when it comes to racism. The NAACP indicates that the problem was the fact that two farmers of different races were compared with a negative reflection on the black farmer. Shirley Sherrod simply stated that in the present economy, farmers are hurting and that white farmers get less help than black farmers do.

The bottom line is that she split the farmers by race and offended folks. The NAACP has to realize that as a nation, no one can expect a level playing field level in some terms but ask for special treatment in others. Either we make a move back to the place where the races were discussed separately and continue to teach such ideas as Black History or we unite as one and discuss American History; it simply can’t be both ways. Shirley Sherrod made a simple statement regarding how the farmers who receive aid are chosen and in doing so, she offended the good folks at the NAACP and it cost her a job.

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