Apple iPhone 5 Update: iPhone 5 Release Date

Apple’s iPhone 5 release date is close and AT&T employees have been warned not take their time because the big event is expected soon. Rumors are that the iPhone 5 release date is set for September and the smart phone will hit the ground running after most people are back from their summer vacations.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Apple’s Peter Oppenheimer mysteriously commented earlier this month that a “future product transition” is expected in September, without elaborating. However, media recently released a story that the iPhone 5 release date is nearing after a man had been reportedly seen using the device in a train in the United States.

Rumors are the company plans to introduce two versions of the device at once, with a cheaper model and a flagship version of the smart phone. Industry sources hinted that a less expensive version of the iPhone4 will also be available. Actually, most of the hype might be intentionally fueled by Apple’s marketing specialist who fuel rumors that keep the buzz live and going while booting sales of existing iPhone models. Anyway, those who expect an inexpensive version of any product by Apple would be disappointed because the company first has to replace expensive suppliers with cheaper yet quality ones prior to start shipping cheaper iPhone and iPads.

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