Bachelorette Men Tell All

The Bachelorette, Men Tell All Night is going to air tonight and the fans of the show are extremely anxious to see what those bachelors have to say about what happened during their stay.

Given that Chris Harrison has revealed some spicy details regarding what was going to happen when Ashley met again some of the men that had participated in the show, the fans of the show got really excited about seeing tonight’s special Bachelorette Men Tell All Night edition. It has been revealed that Bentley Williams will not be attending the Men Tell All special. After being a real jerk to Ashley it is no surprise that he did not want to face her or any of the bachelors again.

Another thing that Harrison disclosed regarding the show is that either Ryan or Ames would do great as the bachelors for the upcoming season of the show. Which of the two is going to be the next bachelor is still to be revealed, though. Anyways, just don’t forget to watch the special edition of the show tonight and then, tomorrow, just turn on ABC to see who Ashley is going to choose. Will she choose JP or Ben F? You’ll just have to wait  for the season finale, which is going to air on the 1st of August.

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