San Francisco Marathon 2011 Results

Everybody is curious to see the San Francisco Marathon 2011 results. The San Francisco Marathon is an annual event which usually takes place in either July or August in San Francisco, California. The race in which about 20,000 people entered begins and finishes on the Embarcadero and it includes many notable landmarks, such as the Aquatic Park, the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park, but also the Fisherman’s Wharf and the AT&T Park which is very close to the Finish Line. Everybody is waiting for the San Francisco 2011 results and you can see them below.

San Francisco Marathon 2011 Results

The San Francisco Marathon 2011 was won by the prolific runner Mike Wardian from Arlington, Virginia. Wardian is a very famous endurance athlete who recently won the third place in the 135 mile ultramarathon which took place in the dessert, called Badwater. Moreover, this athlete also qualified for the 2012 U.S. Olympic trials which are to take place sometime in January.

In the men category, the second place was taken by Alex Varner, from San Rafael, California and the third place by Robert Killian, from Longmont, Colorado. In the woman’s section, the first place in the San Francisco Marathon was occupied by Emily Field, from Los Angeles, California, the second place was taken by another California woman, Emily Belli, from San Diego and the third place was taken by Devon Crosby-Helms, from San Francisco. Overall the 2011 San Francisco Marathon was a huge success as the results were not exactly what everyone expected.

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